About AnitanjaMy jewelry is really about reconnecting people to nature and the earth. Quite often, we forget our true beginnings and we’re so far removed. I want my clients to feel just a little bit inspired by the beautiful island of St. Lucia and each is taking inspiration from either the forests, the Caribbean Sea or some element of my life here.

I was born on St. Lucia, so St. Lucia is home to me. For me, it’s a tremendous source of inspiration especially where I grew up, which is quite rural. It’s a bit of an enchanted world, which I find very refreshing because there are very few places on this earth like this where you can escape to. I had a very free-spirited childhood with quite a lot of freedom, growing up on a 70 acre estate, running around barefoot, climbing trees, swimming up the rivers. It was a wonderful way to grow up and certainly a big reason why I decided to do something creatively.

I hope that wearing an ANITANJA piece allows the wearer to feel like they can tap into the universal nature experience. regardless of their current circumstances or lifestyle. My wish is that my wearer carries with her each day a little reminder of her true nature and source.